Fresh Summer Flavors at the Pueblo Harvest Cafe

Fresh Summer Flavors at the Pueblo Harvest Cafe

The Sumac Snap Peas with Parmesan Cheese

As summer brings hot weather and fresh ingredients, the Pueblo Harvest Cafe (PHC) is preparing to unveil new seasonal menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Starting on Saturday, July 15, diners will enjoy more than a dozen new dishes, from Sumac Roasted Snap Peas as an appetizer to the Three Sisters Sammy at lunch and Shrimp Linguine for dinner. The PHC is an award-winning full-service restaurant open 7 days a week within the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center at 2401 12th St NW, Albuquerque.

The Pueblo Burger with Fried Kool Aid Pickles and a Red Chile Bun.

“Our summer menu is all about taking the freshest ingredients possible and crafting everything from scratch in-house,” says Boris Revilla, Food and Beverage Director. “There’s just nothing like the bright, juicy flavors of the season: ripe red tomatoes, roasted corn, lime—even a new gluten free avocado bun for our Legume Burger.”

The Legume Burger is one of three new creations collectively called the Chef’s Gourmet Burgers, each of which reflect a different aspect of New Mexico’s rich culinary history. The Southwest Bison Burger is adorned with such local flavors as Chokecherry BBQ Sauce, a Blue Corn Onion Ring, and Red Corn Fried Jalapeños. Meanwhile the Pueblo Burger features Fried Kool-Aid Pickles, a popular treat on Pueblo Feast Days, as well Chipotle Mayo and a Fried Cage-Free Egg, all on a House-Made Red Chile Bun.

“We put a lot of work into perfecting these burgers, making sure they’re the juiciest and most flavorful possible,” says Executive Chef David Ruiz. “The patties are handcrafted and all the beef is sourced locally from right here in New Mexico, so they’re unbeatably fresh.”

The Pueblo Feast.

Meanwhile the Nopalitos Street Taco combines sautéed cactus with roasted corn and green chile sourced from Hatch’s oldest family-run chile farm, Young Guns Produce.

Still on the menu are timeless favorites like the Pueblo Feast to Share, which pays homage to the dishes traditionally served at Feast Day celebrations within Pueblos by bringing together old-fashioned stews, breads, and entrees. Also staying is the Tewa Taco, whose savory beef, beans, and chile on handcrafted frybread have won Albuquerque The Magazine’s “Best of the City” award for Best Indian Taco 11 years running.

Pueblo Harvest Cafe
2401 12th St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104


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