Many traditional Pueblo ways are based on changing seasons and celestial movement, recognizing the cyclical component of the natural world. A shift in seasons reflects a shift in diet, based on plant and animal life. Recognition of these cycles creates balance and sustainability in traditional food sources.

In observance of the natural cycle, we roll out new menus with the solstices.

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Featured Dishes


Roast Duck Quarter | Sage-Scented Wild Rice | Cranberry Maple Glaze | Wilted Greens 32

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Corned Bison Sandwich

House-Corned Bison Brisket | Swiss Cheese | Pickled Red Onions | Yellow Mustard | Pueblo Oven Bread 15

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Maple Glazed Salmon (GF)

Glazed Salmon | Sage and Piñon Wild Rice | Blistered Tomatoes 14

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Amaranth + Corn Fritter (GF), (V)

Golden Fried Amaranth and Corn Fritters | Avocado Crema | Fermented Black Beans 13

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Blue Corn Chicken Salad

Blue Corn-Crusted Chicken | Mixed Field Greens | Shaved Jicama | Local Goat Cheese | Candied Pepitas | Citrus Dressing 13

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Build Your Own Omelet

Cage-Free Scrambled Eggs | Hash Browns | Toast Choice of One: Bacon, Turkey Sausage, Pork Sausage Choice of Four: Spinach, Bell Peppers, Onion, Tomato, Corn, Green Chile, Nopalitos, Mushrooms Choice of One Cheese: Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack, American 14 Add Avocado 1

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Obsidian Burger

House-Made Black Bean Patty | Black Kale | Black Garlic Mayo | Poblano Escabeche | House-Crafted Charcoal Bun (V)

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The Pueblo Burger

New Mexico Beef Patty | Bacon | Green Chile | Cheddar Cheese | Fried Cage-Free Egg | Chipotle Mayo | Fried Kool-Aid Pickles | House-Made Red Chile Bun

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Cobb Salad

Mixed Garden Greens | Peruvian Chicken | Diced Bacon | Sous Vide Egg | Candied Pepitas | Roasted Corn | Teardrop Tomatoes | Feta

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Blue Corn Chicken & Waffles

Blue Corn-Crusted Chicken Breast | Red Chile Waffles | Green Chile Maple Syrup | Whipped Butter 11

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Blue Corn Piñon Pancakes

Three Pancakes | Seasonal Fruit Compote | Whipped Butter | Your Choice of Bacon, Turkey Sausage, or Spam 11 Short Stack 9

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Fried Kool-Aid Pickles (V)

Cherry Kool-Aid Pickle Slices | Blue Corn Crust | Green Chile Ranch

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Blue Corn Onion Rings (V)

Blue Cornmeal Crusted Onion Rings | Green Chile Ranch Dressing | Charred Salsa

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Pueblo Feast

Choice of Two Stews | Red Chile Potato Salad | Seasonal Vegetables | Jemez-Inspired Enchilada w/ Choice of Ground Bison, Spiced Beef, or Grilled Chicken | Frybread | Pueblo Oven Bread | Blue Corn Muffin | Two Flavors of Pueblo Pie 40

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