Introducing Our New Executive Chef, and the Pueblo Harvest Refresh

Introducing Our New Executive Chef, and the Pueblo Harvest Refresh

Renewal and growth are perennial themes as inseparable from spring as the winds that come with it, and this spring, the winds of change are bringing a bit of growth and renewal to Pueblo Harvest.

First among the changes is a new Executive Chef, Brent Moore. Chef Moore has the culinary training and skills necessary to ensure the success of a restaurant of this size and stature, and through his time as Sous Chef here at Pueblo Harvest, is familiar with the specific needs and wants of our clientele and our cultural mission.

“Chef Moore served as Pueblo Harvest’s sous chef for close to two years. His extensive culinary experience, passion for Pueblo culture and Native cuisine, and established leadership skills will advance the restaurant’s mission as we continue to raise the bar for ourselves and our patrons’ expectations,” says Monique Fragua (Jemez Pueblo), Vice President of Operations.

“This is my first executive chef position, and it’s exciting to do something new,” says Chef Moore. “I want to take what we’ve started at Pueblo Harvest and push it harder. I want to not only use the indigenous ingredients, but also start using more of the indigenous techniques. It’s amazing how proud everybody is of who they are and where they’re from. That to me is what the cultural center is about, and that’s something we can do through the food, too, and get everyone really excited about what’s going on here.”

Chef Moore was born and raised in Northern California, where he lived most his life before arriving in New Mexico. He worked as a carpenter by day and line cook by night for nearly 13 years prior to refining his skills in culinary school. Since then, Moore’s worked in many restaurants, including the Tenaya Lodge on the edge of Yosemite National Park, and the Hyatt Regency Tamaya in Bernalillo, New Mexico, before serving as Sous Chef here at Pueblo Harvest. We’re excited about what he’s got in store for you!

Next on the list, we’re dropping the “Café” from our name, and rolling out a new logo and new tag line, “Native Sourced, Pueblo Inspired,” a combination that better depicts the culinary mission of Pueblo Harvest.

“Pueblo Harvest has really evolved in the last few years, with the stories told through food forming a closer relationship with the stories told in the museum – and it’s time the visual messaging also reflected that,” says Jordan Guenther, Marketing Director. “We decided to also drop ‘café’ from the name because we felt it was limiting the perception of what the restaurant is doing.”

Our menu offerings include Native foodways from times of pre-European-contact through contemporary favorites. We source as many ingredients as possible from the Pueblos of New Mexico and other tribal communities throughout the U.S., with an ever-growing list of Native agricultural partnerships. This is the heart of “Native Sourced, Pueblo Inspired.”

In the last two years we’ve been strengthening the connection with the museum to include more education in the menu, so that we are no longer just a restaurant inside a cultural center, but a culinary extension of the cultural center.

Last but not least, Pueblo Harvest will unveil a new aesthetic in the dining room along with a new spring menu on Monday, April 16, 2018. Click here to read more about the new menu, and know that we look forward to seeing you soon!

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