Antlers and Maize Recipe

Antlers and Maize Recipe

Please enjoy this pre-European-contact recipe honoring Native American foodways.

Antlers and Maize Recipe

Serves 4–6

Braised Elk

3 pounds elk stew meat

¼ cup juniper berries

¼ ounce fresh sage

¼ cup dried wild mushrooms

1 quart vegetable stock

Salt to taste

Salt the elk meat evenly, place in braising pan, add remaining ingredients, and cover tightly with foil.

Braise in 300°F oven for 5 hours. Strain off liquid, save. Discard sage, mushrooms, and juniper. Shred meat, remove any connective tissue that may be left behind.

White Corn Porridge

6 cups water

2 tablespoons salt

6 bay leaves

3 cups white corn grits

Place water, salt, and bay leaves in saucepan, bring to boil. While boiling, whisk in grits, then reduce heat to simmer. Allow to simmer until the grits are cooked and smooth.

Wilted Spinach

6 cups fresh spinach

1 tablespoon butter

Salt to taste

Clean the spinach thoroughly to remove any grit from the leaves. Heat large pan with butter, add spinach. The leaves touching the base of the pan will wilt very quickly, so stir frequently to ensure even wilting of all leaves.

When the spinach has just about wilted, remove pan from heat and strain off any excess liquid.


Warm elk jus, place porridge in center of plate. Place wilted spinach in four small pyramids around porridge. Place warm elk on top of porridge, pour jus over elk, garnish with 2 fried sage leaves.


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